I want to take a moment to thank the hundreds of people who supported my campaign through donations and volunteering, and the thousands of Bostonians that placed their faith in me by giving me their vote yesterday. Though we we did not achieve the goal we set, I am proud of our campaign, the successes we did have a long the way and the issues we brought to the debate in this important election. 

I am humbled to have the support of such a tremendous family.  Especially my beautiful wife Kelly Frattaroli who spent the day in Southie winning me votes! I am grateful to my sisters Jessica L. Frattaroli and Daniella A. Frattaroli for their endless efforts, my parents Anna & Filippo Frattaroli for their help in winning the North End! And my extended family, especially Marianna Frattaroli who helped me take third in East Boston! Donato Frattaroli, Nicholas Frattaroli, Donato Frattaroli, Elaine Fagan, Julie Fagan, Kelsey Cavaretta and all the others who spread to the far reaches of Boston to support my campaign. 

Though there is no one who hates losing more than I do, I am so grateful for this experience and the great friendships I have developed along the way. I want to congratulate the top finishers and all my fellow candidates for a well fought campaign. It is clear based on this collection of talented individuals that the future of Boston is bright.


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